About Liège Bierset Airport

Liège Airport is an international aviation hub situated in the Grâce-Hollogne, Liège Province about 10 kilometres outside of the city of Liège in Belgium. This predominantly cargo-based transit centre also serves for a concentration of passenger traffic consisting mainly of charters. Liège ranks as the largest cargo airport in the country and third largest for passenger transit.

Multiple passenger airlines provide service to more than 20 destinations, primarily on a charter basis. ASL Airlines Belgium operates the majority of the cargo routes although it is supplemented by more than five additional airline associations. There are some passenger services situated within the main terminal including retail and duty-free shops and a few cuisine options featuring Le Long Cours Restaurant and Le Libre Cours Brasserie.

Two major bus lines run routes from the airport to the city. There are on-site car rental services and a plethora of metered taxis located outside of the passenger terminal. The E42 is the nearest motorway connection to major highways.

Within the last decade, Liège Airport has been ranked as the 8th largest cargo hub in Europe and simultaneously the 22nd largest on the globe. The first air terminal was opened in 1930 serving connections between Brussels, Antwerp and Liege.